Divided plates – good or bad idea?

Divided or ‘split’ plates look appealing and seem like a fun way to serve your child their meal – but divided plates can cause problems!

👎 They encourage your child to be fussy about foods touching each other. (I won’t eat my sausage because it’s got some baked bean sauce on it!)

👎 They encourage your child to be anti ‘wet’ food! (I want plain pasta in a separate compartment without any of the sauce on it.)

👎 They make it even easier for you child to psychologically ‘compartmentalise’ the parts of their meal they don’t want (I’ll just pretend that veg isn’t even there.)

WE don’t eat our meals from divided plates after all – and the aim is for our children to eat like us, right?!
If you have a divided plate, save it for serving your child their snack. The good news is there are lots of very cute NON-divided children’s plates available out there too!