Let’s talk edamame!


Not only are these little green packages of gorgeousness super-delicious and super-healthy, they’re super-fun to to eat – which makes them a big hit with kids! Yep, even the I-hate-everything-green gang! You may already be familiar with them, but if you’re not, here’s the lowdown.

Edamame – pronounced E (as in egg) + DA (as in daddy) + MA (as in magic) + ME (as in meditate) – come from Japan but can now be bought easily from the freezers in Sainsburys and Waitrose, as well as oriental supermarkets. You simply boil them for five minutes, drain them, add a smattering of salt (or not if your child is very young) and serve as a snack or a mini-starter to give them while you’re still cooking.

Now here’s the fun bit. You can’t eat the pods you see in the picture above (they’re tough and stringy). No, it’s the plump, juicy beans inside that you’re after. One little squeeze with your fingers and – POP! – out they come. This is so satisfying that in Japan they have even invented an anti-stress ‘fidget’ toy that mimics this – watch and enjoy!