How to crack fussy eating – in a nutshell !

nut sdhell

It really does all boil down to this:

You’re in charge of what food you serve.

They’re in charge of whether they eat it.

Yet so much of the time the reverse happens:

We ask them what they want to eat. We follow their preferences. We adapt our food shopping and cooking to try and please them – in the hope that they will eat it happily. We give them lots of control over what goes on their plate.

Then once the food is served, we encourage, nag, plead, bribe them to eat it – in the hope that they will eat more of what we want them to eat. We try to control what they put in their mouth.

This only makes things worse. The secret is to do it the other way round. You decide what you’re going to buy and cook (and sometimes it may be their favourites). But once the food is on the table, you hand the control over to them. You leave them to decide what and how much they eat of it – while you chat about other things. It may sound crazy, it may sound counter-intuitive, but it soon makes a difference.

“It has revolutionized mealtimes in my house” said one parent of an extremely fussy two-year-old. “I had amazing results IMMEDIATELY,” said another.

Find out the full details of how to put this plan into action in Getting the Little Blighters to Eat.