5 things to have in your kitchen if you have a fussy eater

The core of fussy eating is not the food itself. It’s all about psychology!

So no amount of trying new recipes or searching for foods your child will eat will solve the problem. So then it may seem strange for me to recommend five items to have in your kitchen – but they all stem from psychological, not culinary reasons!

#1 Dipping sauce bowls

These are the perfect size for the ‘Mini Starter Trick’ to get your fussy eater eating vegetables. Find out about this tactic here! A dipping bowl is also the solution if you have a child who pesters for more ketchup (more mayonnaise, more grated cheese, etc) during a meal. Find out exactly how to use it to stop this problem here!

#2 A Lazy Susan

A spinning Lazy Susan in the middle of the table is brilliant for ‘help yourself’ meals to entice your fussy eater to put food on their plate that they won’t normally eat. Find out how to use it effectively here!

#3 Cocktail sticks

Use these to get your fussy eater eating fruit – or new and different fruit they don’t currently eat. Find out precisely how here!

#4 A blender

Just a really basic jug blender will do. Nothing fancy needed! Have your fussy eater whizz up home-made smoothies (or soups) full of fruit and veg. For this to work though, it must be done in a very specific way. Get the low-down here!

#5 A jam tart (muffin) tray

This can be used to create a ‘Jam Tart Tray Dinner’ as a treat once in a while to entice your fussy eater to try new and different foods of their own accord. Find out how here!

As always, for these ideas to work, you need to follow the advice precisely. The devil is always in the detail! You can improvise and deviate when you follow a recipe – but not with psychological tactics!